CureCash Affiliate Program


The CureCash Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health supplements and home products online. We offer the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in the industry.

If you have a website and are interested in making money with the explosive sales of natural products, then is perfect for you. Choose from over 35 products in the Comfort, health, beauty, and skin care industries.

We realize that advertising space on your Website is very important. CureCash always puts the webmaster first and strives to keep you happy. We have developed the highest converting websites with state of the art marketing material to maximize your traffic revenue.

We give you the ability to fully customize your advertising methods by promoting your own store on your own domain or linking to our site with customized exits so you never loose your traffic.

CureCash Advanced Webmaster Features:

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Super Affiliates:

If you can create 5 or more sales per day we are happy to negotiate special commissions and payment requirements. We want your business and can guarantee you the best deal right here at

How Curecash Works

1.  Send Your Visitors to Our Sites
Link to our site using banners or text links, giving your visitors access to trusted and excellent quality products.

2. Customer Makes a Purchase
After visiting our retail site, if the customer makes a purchase within the specified period, you will receive credit for the sale, earning as much as 40% commission.

3.  You Get a Check!
A full calendar month after the order is placed; we will send you a check for any commissions earned.

If you want to know the details about Curecash, just click on Curecash Affiliate Program.

Current Curecash Sites:
Sleep Better Pillow

Click here to see a complete list of our sites.

More money with the highest comissions!

For our Maca Enhancer™ male enhancement pill we pay you, our affiliate, a huge 35% commission on the first 50 sales, and 40% on the next 50 sales. 90% of the orders are for 4 bottles, so that is almost $70 a sale on your first set of sales, and OVER $100 per sale for our dedicated affiliates. For our Better Sleep Pillow™ side sleeper pillow, we pay you a huge 25% commission on the first 50 sales, and 30% on the next 50 sales. Sleepatil all-natural sleeping aid is our new herbal supplement that is being purchased on such well known sites as Amazon and

I Got Rich with CureCash Affiliate Program

“CureCash has been my ticket to a fortune. I have made thousands of dollars each month with these guys. It so easy to make money on the internet with them...”
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Credit on Mail, Fax and Phone Orders

You can send your orders by mail or fax, and you will also be assisted by our professional customer service staff that will ensure that you always get your commissions for your orders. When customers order by phone, we always ask them for their “Promotional Code” to ensure that get your commission. The highly trained staff of our call center maximizes every sale by getting the customer to make the largest orders possible and upselling additional items.

Credit on All Upsells and Exits

We maximize your commissions on every order because we “upsell” (sell a second related product to the customer within the same sale).

Besides, we track all exits from your traffic using your code. It means that when your customer exits from the original site you referred them to, but clicks on our exit console and buys another product, you still get your commission!

Campaign Tracking

This excellent tool allows you to track your earnings. You can create as many campaign tracking ids as you desire to know exactly how individual campaigns are performing. For instance, if you use Google and Yahoo, you can create a tracking id for each and view stats for each campaign.

Detailed Stats

You can see how many raw clicks, unique clicks, sales, earnings, campaign tracking ids, conversion ratios, referral stats, and downline stats of all your campaigns. With this information, it’ll be easy for you to maximize your profit from your traffic.

On-Time Payments

We always pay you on-time. You can choose the way you prefer: by wire transfer, check, PayPal, or other methods. We send payments monthly, however if you would like to get more frequent payments, you can contact us and request.

Hosted Marketing Tools

It is very easy to use our marketing tools. We host all of our ad materials including banners, full page ads, articles, and content sites. In this way, there’s no need for you to download banners and upload them to your server, saving your bandwidth. Also, you get all the HTML code for our marketing tools, you just have to grab the code and paste it into your web pages.

Flexible, Easy Linking Options

Many Pay per Click search engines do not permit popup consoles, we have customized the use of our console-free link codes. Besides, you can also send customers to any landing page within our sites. For instance, you can link directly to the order page if you want to. Also, you can add a campaign tracking id to any link so you can monitor that campaign’s performance.

Now it’s the time make big money!

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your earnings easily with your site. It’s easy; you don’t even have to create the content because we provide all the tools you need. Just click on CureCash to start making big money on the web.

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