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Want to know more about us? Want to place an order? Here’s the place where you can send us your messages. We’ll answer your questions as soon as possible. You can also try calling us at our toll free number:

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Phone Contact

ServiceCalling AB Marketers Customer Support Hotline is the easiest way to contact us; this will get your questions answered quickly and effectively.

Telephone is often the preferred method of contact by many of our customers. Our customer support representatives are ready to help people just like you. Whether it’s an unrecognized charge on your credit card statement or a product related query our staff can help.

TOLL FREE NUMBER 800-891-0718

FAX NUMBER (313)432-5985

E-Mail Contact

Email enquires take a little longer to get a response, however they are more anonymous, and some people feel more comfortable discussing personal issues via the email system. info(AT)

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Postal Address

If you would prefer to contact AB Marketers via the old fashioned method of pen and paper do not despair, please find the postal address below:

AB Marketers, LLC
Accounts Receivable
1702 East Avis Drive
Madison Heights, MI

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